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Pay It Forward

We have all needed a helping hand at some point in our lifetime. If you are fortunate enough to be at a time where you can lend a helping hand and would like to do so, this is how. Funds collected through our Pay if Forward campaign will be available to Steindorf administration/teachers to use for those students who may be missing out on Steindorf after school experiences due to hardships. Many events create these situations; medical bills, relatives moving in, a need to move and save for additional rent deposits, or a change in employment. Teachers know their students. We want all students to be able to attend a fall festival with a few tickets, or to have a little extra lunch money on their card, or to be able to get a yearbook. This is not necessarily for the grand gesture. It is for the little amounts that add up and mean a HUGE amount for that one child that a teacher identified as needing a little extra care and love.
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